6 egg whites
1 can condensed milk
1 pint of heavy cream
1 package of Bolacha Maria (crushed to look like sawdust)

Beat the egg whites in a bowl until they start to form peaks (em castelo). In another bowl mix the heavy cream until it gets firm. Once firm, mix in the condensed milk. Fold the heavy cream / condensed milk mixture into the beaten egg whites. Beat until everything is well mixed.

Put a light coating of the crushed Bolacha Maria in the bottom of glass bowl / container. Add a layer of the egg/heavy cream/ condensed milk mixture (half of the mixture). Next, add another 1/2 of the remaining crushed Bolacha Maria. Add a second layer of the remaining egg/heavy cream/ condensed milk mixture. Top it off with the rest of the Bolacha Maria that is left. Refrigerate for several hours before serving. This is a good dessert to make a day ahead.


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