On this page, I bring you a collection of my favorite Portuguese recipes written in English for anyone who loves Portuguese food and wants to bring some of these dishes to their own table.

I am not a Chef – just a Portuguese girl who loves to make Portuguese food!!! I love serving up homemade Portuguese dishes just like my parents did when I was growing up and carrying on this tradition with my daughters is very important to me. I believe that there are many Luso-Americans out there that want to do the same. On this page, I want to share with everyone (Portuguese or not) some of my favorite Portuguese recipes, some of which are mine and others which are from friends and family. Anyone that has tried Portuguese cuisine knows that it is amongst the BEST!!! Please enjoy!!!

Last year, I finally published my cookbook, For the Love of Portuguese Food, which can be purchased online on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca.

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  1. Thank you for this site, alot of the foods I have grown up with, are long gone for me since my grandmother passed, and she didnt leave the recepes, would you have the recepe for papash? I may be spelling this wrong and I am sorry, I ate it in the morning, it was kinda like cream of wheat with cinnamon on top. I apologise that I am a first Gen Portuguese man who cant read or speak portuguese very well, guess I lost my way living in Kentucky, not many portuguese people to talk the talk to.

  2. Love that you’re doing this. Also very excited about being able to pin on pinterest. Thank you so much. Can’t wait to start.

  3. thanks i think it was the flour one, had to strain the ole brain to when I was a child, she never used cornmeal that I can remember.

  4. Hi love of port. Food…glad I found u ….good luck on ur new blog…congrats…cant wait to c all recipes…im waiting for bacalhau a gomes de sa

  5. I still make a lot of the recipes that my Grandmother use to make, and I am now 81 years of age and try to make a Portuguese meal at least once a week. Travel to Portugal twice, each time for a month. I have the best of two world Azorean maternal and mainland paternal. I’m going to enjoy this blog.

  6. So happy you are doing this. I’m not Portuguese but I do love the food and since this area has a great deal of Portuguese people I frequent the restaurants; now, thanks to you, I can make it myself. Thanks again

  7. Great Site, blog. I remember my grandmother who came from the Azores, making a stew fish. I think it was tautaug and she used pickling spices to make the broth. Don’t know for sure! Do you remember any kind of recipe like that?. You had to be very careful of the bones in the stew. We would have it with Portuguese bread, too.

    • Hello Gilbert! Please check back because I will be putting a fish stew recipe here hopefully in the very near future. I come from a family of fisherman and ate it often growing up. I love it!!!! I know what you mean about the bones…one fish that you can use in the fish stew if you want to avoid the bones is Monkfish!!!

      • What island are they from? My family is from the mainland but I have visited the Azores a couple of times. I have spent some time in Pico and Faial. I have also been to St. Michael, but only in Ponta Delgada. I need to go back there someday!! I do get to go back to the mainland almost every summer!! I just love it there!! 🙂

  8. where are you from? I saw the comment about figuiera da foz beach. I’m from that area. my parents live 20 minutes from there.

  9. Hi I was looking at your website and I seem a picture for migas I was looking for the recipe I can’t get it is there any way you could send it to me I do like your website and your recepies look delicious thank you

  10. i moved from New Bedford many years ago to Arizona. I have to make my own portuguese dishes. do you have a recipe for cacoila? i have a couple but they don’t seem to come out the same as i experienced on the east coast. thank you

    • Hello Carol, I do not have my own recipe for Cacoila. When people ask me, I send them the Azorean Green Bean’s Cacoila recipe. If you go onto my facebook page, you can get it. I just recently shared it!! If you want me to email it to you, I can do that as well.

  11. I grew up around my Mom’s side of the family, all portuguese. With some of the best dishes! Yet I never knew how to make them myself. My Grandmother used to make Portuguese Sweet Bread on a regular basis but she is 90 and cannot remember how now. Looking for THAT recipe. But SO GLAD I found this site with all the other favorites of mine! Nice Setup! Thank you for sharing!!!

  12. Lucky to find this, I also grew up in the greater New Bedford MA area and moved here to the Phoenix area when we retired. My family also came here in the late 1800’s from the Azores. I remember my grandmother making a soup using the tops of fennel in a slightly acidic broth. Any idea what this was?

    • I remember that soup my used to make it a least once a week yum!!
      My Mom’s family is from the Azores also. My mother was born there. My grandma and she game to this country when she was just a baby! My Daddy was born here and was Portuguese too. Such fond memories growing up knowing our culture 😀 I am very proud of my heritage

  13. I’m married to a Portuguese man and I am able to make many of his favorite dishes but there are a few that are not quite right like the marinated pork dishes. I’d love to see your recipes on them

  14. My mother used to make papash(hot cereal) with grits. It tasted like the papash we used to eat in Sal Miguel. We boil some milk then add the grits, butter and a little sugar. Good comfort food.
    Just found your blog today and really like it.

  15. I was wondering if you have a recipe to make four pounds of shrimp to make shrimp Mosin beak im sure that’s not how you spell it lol

  16. I’m so thrilled to find this site and look forward to more of your recipes! My dad’s side of the family is all Portuguese but we didn’t get to enjoy the cuisine much growing up, aside from some occasional linguica and sweet bread. As adults my brothers and I have been trying to find some authentic recipes to try. One question for you: some of the spices mentioned in the recipes, are they spice blends one could find at a market? Also I saw a recipe here called for Portuguese cornbread, is that recipe here on your site or do you know where I could locate it? Thanks so much!

    • Example spices: “packets of Sazon Goya con Azafran seasoning” … I’ve never heard of this and have no clue where to look for it. 😦

    • Hello Ashleigh! Nice to hear you found my site! I hope to start posting more recipes soon. If you want you can also follow me on Facebook that is where I post all of my recipes first at this time. My page is called For the Love of Portuguese Food. I really do not use many spice blends but if you are referring to the Sayon Goya with Azafran, you should be able to find that in the Spanish food section at the Supermarket. At this time I do not have a cornbread recipe that I am ready to share. I hope to learn how to make it myself this year and then I will share. I am sure if you google it, you will find a recipe online somewhere. If you need help finding one, I can google for you and send a link. Let me know!



    • Hello Kelly! Thank you! Unfortunately, I have not kept up this page, but I do have a Facebook page “For the Love of Portuguese Food” where I do post my recipes. IF you are not following me there, you can check it out! It’s just easier to post on Facebook…it has a wider reach than this page. Again, thank you!!!

  17. loved reading all the comments you are the best thanks for taking the time to post you are amazing with the pics and all different recipes i am happy to follow you on facebook every thing is so positive doing a great job uniting us with our past thanks again my parents were from Murtosa bunheiro area near the beach Torriera I spent six mths there in 1964 went from north to south saw a lot loved the people

    • Thank you Esmeralda!! So glad you enjoy my posts. I have not kept up my website but maybe one day I will get back to it. I do notice you on my Facebook page and love reading your comments!! I went to Murtosa once many many years ago and visited Torreira one evening when we were there. Very nice!!! Beijos!!

  18. I can’t wait to get your book. We weren’t allowed in the kitchen growing up and we never learned. Now my mom is 80, so unfortunately, her recipes will go with her. You should sell autographed copies on your site. 😁

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